Job Hunting Tips

So you’re looking for a job. You may think you’re “unemployed,” but you’re really not. You’re going to be working very hard until you find your next job. You just won’t get paid for it! The truth is, you already work for a company. It’s called Me, Inc. You are its founder, CEO and only full-time employee. You will run this company your entire working life. Today you’re just hunting for a paying client.

“I’m not self-employed,” you may protest. Well, you’re wrong. You might as well be “self-employed.” Today you can expect to change jobs, even careers, several times during your working life. The only constant in this picture is you! So think like a small business owner-the owner of Me, Inc. — even when you have a job. As the table below shows, you’re probably doing it a bit already.

Embrace the idea that you need to job hunt all the time, even when you have a job. “View your job search as part of your professional work experience, not an interruption of it”.

From this new perspective, each job becomes more than a way to earn a paycheck. It’s an opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge and value to employers. It’s also a chance to build relationships with coworkers who may help you find your next job. By thinking like Me, Inc., you ensure lifelong employability-the ability to find work easily. That’s good because lifelong employment-having a guaranteed job-no longer exists.


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