Your Career

Our approach is that you want to have a life plan before you decide on a career plan.

From our book: “What do you want to do with your life?”:

We are all unique, and we all want different things. Therefore, no standard answer of life planning works for everyone. Yes, opportunities are endless, but at some point we need to make up our mind where we want to go. People have so many choices that they do not know which way to look. This is one of the major challenges of people in our society today. New opportunities and new choices keep appearing. When and how are people supposed to stop and make a decision on what to pursue?

Have you ever seen a falcon attacking a flock of birds? To protect themselves, the birds flock together. The sheer number of birds makes the falcon so confused that he cannot catch them. Finally, the falcon is able to focus on one single bird, zoom in, and catch that specific bird. Like the falcon, most people today are overwhelmed by all the alternatives they have. They are dizzy just thinking about all the things they can do. Many escape into easy solutions, letting someone else decide for them, letting society decide for them, or even worse, just letting coincidences decide for them.

“Like the falcon, you will need to stop focusing on the flock of birds and zoom in on the one particular bird to catch.”
– Hans Johansen

Now you have the tool that will help you sort through this. This workbook will help you get your thoughts, ideas, and wishes organized in such a manner that you will be able to formulate the direction you want to go and how to get there. No matter what position you are in now, or what your age, sex, nationality is, you want to make the most of your life.

“It is never too early nor too late to make a life plan.”
– Hans Johansen

An Alternative That We Choose as The Answer – Not an Epiphany

“What do I want to do with my life?” Many people look for epiphanies, but there is an important distinction between an epiphany and The Answer. If we tell ourselves that we need to have an epiphany to answer The Question, then we make it almost impossible for us to find peace of mind. We will never have the epiphany that will fully convince us so we will be forever searching. Looking for epiphanies is disempowering. It is giving up the power to decide over your own life. You need to claim this power over your life. You need to make a conscious decision and then be fully responsible for it.

So you do not want to look for an epiphany. You need a decision to answer The Question. Rephrasing The Question to demand a decision is liberating and empowering. It points to the fact that we are in control. It validates the fact that we have options and can make up our own minds.